Future of PACE Financing

The Future of PACE Financing in America

With the increasing need to conserve energy and to cut energy costs locally and internationally and the varied benefits associated with pace financing, the future of the program can only soar higher by registering nation-wide if not global implementation. Other than financing million dollar projects, the momentum in the uptake of pace financing is anticipated to accelerate. This is as majority of people across the nation continue to regard the program as the most ideal energy financing option.

What makes pace financing a unique and a sustainable solution to the problems of solar financing is that while the program finances million dollar projects (which generate additional revenues to the economy), the long duration of time it takes to repay the assessments are long enough to generate substantial energy savings. These energy savings can then be used to pay for the charge without property owners having to pay for it from their own pockets, which mean more money for them.

It seems there is no stopping for pace financing, which comes as great news for the numerous organizations, people and firms, who desire to not only see but implement efficient and sustainable clean energy financing solutions. The future of pace financing brings with it significant reduction of greenhouse gases, greater energy efficiency and reduced dependency on non-renewable energy such as fossils and oil. In addition, substantial reduction in energy costs for both businesses and residents and stimulation of domestic economic growth and development.

For the few states that have not yet passed the pace financing legislation, they should consider doing so sooner to not only capitalize on the opportunities generated by the program but also to ensure they are not left behind in combating oil dependence and nurturing better and cleaner living spaces and places.

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